Threat Preparedness and Pandemic Influenza

WV Center for Threat Preparedness

WV Influenza Resource Center

WV Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management

WV Infectious Disease and Epidemiology Program

CDC — Emergency Preparedness and You

CDC — Coping with Disaster

Strategic National Stockpile links

WV Strategic National Stockpile site

CDC — Strategic National Stockpile site

Anthrax Links

CDC — Anthrax page

Botulism Links

CDC — Botulism page

Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers links

CDC — Viral Hemorrhagic Fever page

Smallpox Links

CDC — Smallpox page

Tuleremia Links

CDC — Tuleremia page

Plague Links

CDC — Plague page

Explosive Links

CDC Terrorist Bombing

CDC — Mass Casualties

Radiation Links

CDC - Sheltering in place

ARC - Shelter in Place

CDC — Radiation website

Evacuation plans Links

OSHA — Business evacuation plan tool

Pandemic Influenza Links

World Health Organization Avian Influenza website

CDC — Avian Flu website

Health Alerts link

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